Private Investigator Services

Looking for a Private Investigator? Varda Investigations provides private investigation services.
We have the ability to handle all of your Private Detective needs.

Intellectual Property Protection

Comprehensive IP Protection Strategy specializing in intellectual property, brand protection and counterfeit product investigations

Corporate Internal Investigation

Design, supervise and conduct corporate internal investigations.

Litigation Support

Review of discovery documents that are placed into written and oral formats to help with case presentation.

White Collar Investigation

Supervise, conduct, or evaluate complex white collar investigations.

Civil Investigation

Assisting counsel in reconstructing and evaluating inspections, search warrants and civil investigations.

Witness Interview

Locating and interviewing witnesses and documenting their statements.

Evidence Review

Evidence review, evaluation, and organization.

Trial Strategy

Assisting clients and counsel with trial strategies.

Trade Secret Investigations-Internal Investigations

Focusing on the theft of confidential information that gives a business an edge over its competitors.

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